Review of Tuition Centers in Singapore

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab can be considered as the Harvard of tuitions within the Singapore area. This means it’ll be very hard for your kid to get in.

The Learning Lab is notorious for allowing only students from the best schools or the one which are in the GEP program. The logic behind this is their coaching sessions are much more advanced as opposed to a typical PSLE, A level or O level curriculum.

Whatever might be the case, the students who have actually registered for their program have stated it is really very good & as progressive as stated by “The Learning Lab”.

This is a go-to if you would like your kid not only to ace in normal school examinations but to enter the GEP, the Integrated Program at one of the topmost schools or the real Harvard.


Mathnasium is not simply just random tuition center for math. In fact, The Mathnasium technique is some kind of exclusive teaching system designed for offering the kids genuine facility when it comes to learning mathematics. It has been broadcasted all across the globe in 5 continents in quite a few countries.

According to the center, kids can gain a gratefulness for mathematics & they’re likely to spend most of their time just wanting to pass the examinations. And whilst some programs for instance Kumon have been complained for being overly stressful or concentrating too much upon arithmetic methods, Mathnasium is well known for being enjoyable.

True Learning

You can see True Learning as a perfect example of a typical tuition center that does not have any admissions tests or fancy gimmicks which just seems to be a cut over the others. The local teachers are all MOE qualified, and most even have won different awards. Along with the expertize of the teaching staff, the thing which sets “True Learning” apart from its competitors is the fact that every single curriculum has been specially created by the founders. So, all the teachers are supposed to teach as per their syllabus.

Whilst the center has its good share of pupils from the best schools, it isn’t ridiculously choosy, neither it purports to utilize radical teaching techniques. This center seems to have done stuff in a classical way, i.e., by teaching children the way they must be educated while they are in the school. And the good news is, it seems to work just fine.

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