Our Unique Formula

Our teaching strategy, course structure and education philosophy

Your Biggest Enemy

The Bell Curve - the reason why < 5% of students achieve "outstanding" results.

If you're a student in Singapore, you belong to one of the 3 categories: The uninspired (bottom 5% of the cohort), the average person (90% of students) or the top-performer (award-winners, top scorers)

So why do some students become "top-performers" while most remain average or are left behind?

We found the answer by observing some of our own students

We discovered that the top-performing students, those with consistently outstanding scores, are extremely result-oriented.

This means that close to 100% of their studying and revision efforts are targeted towards pushing their grades just a little bit higher. The cumulative effect of this strategy has capitulated them to the top of the bell curve

Step-by-Step Toward Success

The journey toward academic success can be broken down into 4 phases.

They are: the Preparation Phase, Accelerated-learning Phase, Obstacle-clearing Phase and Optimisation Phase.

The first step would be to set a goal - a clear, definite goal which represents what the student wants to achieve by the end of the term/semester.

The next step would be to help students recognise the requirements of the exams - what the syllabus demands of them and how they can demonstrate that they have met the requirements.

That marks the end of the preparation phase, following that would be the Accelerated-learning Phase

Accelerated-Learning Phase

During this phase, students are taught all they need to know and understand for their exams.

Difficult content, complex concepts, tough formulas, advance skills, all will be distilled and explained by our experienced tutors

Here is where the skill and experience of our tutors come into play. Our tutors are trained to clarify and embellish the topics taught in school, making it easy for ANY student to absorb and assimilate, regardless of his/her learning style

Obstacle-clearing Phase

In this phase, our tutors guide the students through "barriers" which stop them from achieving their desired result.

The barrier may be a certain topic which the student find complex or a type of skill which the student face difficulties developing. These barriers must be cleared before the students go for their exams

Our teachers will spend more time "trouble-shooting" the students, finding out their weaknesses and bridging them.

Through practice and revision, students will eventually overcome any obstacle that might be hindering them from reaching the top of the bell curve

Optimisation  Phase

The last phase builds upon the foundation established during the first three phases and brings the student 1 step further.

Perfection can come only through consistency in practice and revision. To ensure that students are totally prepared for the exams, our tutors provides students exam tips, reminds them of common exam mistakes and supply them with a myriad of question types of prepare them for any "surprises" in the eams

If you're ready to transform you/your child's result with our proven formula you can start here.

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