Primary 6 Tuition

Primary 6 Science Tuition

Brace yourselves as you enter the final phase of the primary school science syllabus.

Every topic in the P6 Science syllabus builds on topics learnt earlier (from P3-P6). Students may encounter topics which seem familiar but with more in-depth content.

The highlight of our P6 Science tuition course would be its comprehensive coverage on new and old topics. Students with weak fundamentals need not worry as our tutors will re-emphasize important points from the science syllabus previous years. Note: Our Primary 6 Science tuition course is based strictly on the latest 2014 MOE syllabus.

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You can enroll via the registration form at

You can apply for the course via the form on the course details page

alternatively, you can visit the Join Tuition page which also lets you apply for multiple subjects

If you prefer to contact us directly, sms 81667260 with the course that you’re interested in, our representative will get back to you with all the details you need.

There are usually more than 1 tutor for every subject, all of them are equally experienced and well-liked by our students.

The tutor you will get depends on the time slot and his/her availability. You can contact us to find out about the details of the tutor profile :)

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