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Primary 6 English Tuition

The Primary 6 English syllabus and exam format has undergone huge changes over the past years. Students are now being tested on their mastery of this subject through a range of question types. From essay writing to oral skills. As such it is scoring exceptionally well in English requires either strong fundamentals and good exam skills.

That is why we have designed our English tuition course for primary 6 to be truly all-rounded. Too often we see students fall below their expectations just because they flunked a single component out of the 3 English papers.

Students will be trained and prepped through reading, practice, revision and guidance on all types of questions in various sections of the papers.

That being said, there is no magic pill when it comes to acing English. Our recommendation would be to start early and save on tons of last minute preparation before the English exams.

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Tuition Course Details

  • Venue for Lessons

    Gen-Y Education Centre: Blk 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067 Singapore 522201

  • Course Length & Duration

    1.5hr lesson every week

  • Number of Students

    24 Students, Max class size = 6 students

  • Tuition Fees

    Contact us to enquire about the latest tuition fees

Teacher’s Foreword

Students often find English to be a challenging subject for a few reasons. First, English is not a subject for last minute revision and memory. Secondly, English exam papers are, by nature, harder than other subjects. Hence, improvement in English exam results usually comes with long periods of hard work.

Certain skills has to be developed to score well in English. For example, writing skills (which comprises grammar and vocabulary) is essential for conquering English composition and reading skills (which comprises inference and analysis) is essential for excelling in English comprehension in paper 2.

Our English Tuition for Primary 6 takes on individual components in the English Exam Papers one by one. The different skills which students are required to developed will be split into various modules. Each module is targeted at helping students master that skill.

Our tutors are instructed to schedule frequent practice for all sections and question types. Students can join the tuition course at any time of the year as our tutors will frequently loop back to previous modules to help with revision.

P6 English Tuition Course Outline

Module 1: Reading Skills – Effective reading for comprehension, passages and questions, picking up keywords
Module 2: Answering Skills – Process questions and demonstrate ability to show understanding of question
Module 3: Writing Skills – Descriptive, analytical, expository writing skills
Module 4: Communication Skills – Speaking (oral communication), listening skills
Module 5: Language Skills – Polishing of students use of language (Grammar and Vocabulary)

Lesson Timings

Timing Instructor Room
Monday 8pm – 8pm Mr Chua 3
Tuesday 08:30Am to 09:30Am Prof. Jim Walter A-1234
Wednesday 08:30Am to 09:30Am Prof. Jim Walter A-1234
Thursday 08:30Am to 09:30Am Prof. Jim Walter A-1234
Friday 08:30Am to 09:30Am Prof. Jim Walter A-1234
Saturday 08:30Am to 09:30Am Prof. Jim Walter A-1234
Sunday 08:30Am to 09:30Am Prof. Jim Walter A-1234

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