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Primary 5 English Tuition

Students who join the Primary 5 English tuition course should be prepared to put in the effort and stay committed.

The good news is that compared to other subjects, there's virtually no need for memorising and painful regurgitation in P5 English. However, there will be frequent practice and mock tests.

A strong foundation is beneficial but not necessary to excel in English. Since this subject is more skill-based (evident from the syllabus demands), the role of a good tutor would be to bring out the best in the student. The proficiency of the tutor, is the most effective tool for students to model after, especially for a subject like English.

When it comes to English, our tutors are trained to polish the language skills in the student and help build the habit of regular reading, writing and speaking.

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Tuition Course Details

  • Venue for Lessons

    Gen-Y Education Centre: Blk 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067 Singapore 522201

  • Course Length & Duration

    1.5hr lesson every week

  • Number of Students

    10 Students, Max class size = 6 students

  • Tuition Fees

    Contact us to enquire about the latest tuition fees

Teacher’s Foreword

English is a difficult subject to master, despite that, primary school students have a huge advantage over others. A strong foundation in English requires consistent effort which is why starting early is crucial.

The teacher’s role in the process of learning and improving English would be to encourage speaking and writing. Our P5 English tuition course is structured in a way that stretches the student regularly. Students are encouraged, or rather, implored to learn new words and phrases every day. There are also frequent mini tests that is helpful but stress-free.

The improvement will come over time. Students will supplant the fears in this subject with confidence in their ability to demonstrate their mastery.

P5 English Tuition Course Outline

Module 1: Reading Skills – Effective reading for comprehension, passages and questions, picking up keywords
Module 2: Answering Skills – Process questions and demonstrate ability to show understanding of question
Module 3: Writing Skills – Descriptive, analytical, expository writing skills
Module 4: Communication Skills – Speaking (oral communication), listening skills
Module 5: Language Skills – Polishing of students use of language (Grammar and Vocabulary)

Lesson Timings

Timing Instructor Room
Monday 3PM – 4.30PM Mr Chua 1
Tuesday 4.30PM – 6PM Mr Tan 2
Wednesday 3.30PM – 5PM Mr Goh 2

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