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Primary 4 English Tuition

New students are welcomed to join the P4 English Tuition course at any point during the academic year. This course is designed to bring the student's standard of English up a notch.

Be prepared for lots of practice and lots of fun! English is engaging, enriching and empowering. Our tutors will set an example of good speaking, writing and reading skills for students to model after

On a side note, we strive to keep the learning environment as stress-free as possible so that students would want to come back every week. There will be puzzles, quizzes and tons of interaction between the students and the tutor.

Most of our students stay with us for more than 3 years. Mastering English is a long process but the results are definitely worth it.

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Tuition Course Details

  • Venue for Lessons

    Gen-Y Education Centre: Blk 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067 Singapore 522201

  • Course Length & Duration

    1.5hr lesson every week

  • Number of Students

    11 Students, Max class size = 5 students

  • Tuition Fees

    Contact us to enquire about the latest tuition fees

Teacher’s Foreword

We often find the biggest improvement in English results amongst students with the highest degree of commitment in their work.

The P4 English Tuition course is structured yet flexible to accomodate students with different learning pace. The various components in English, comprehension, composition, grammar, vocabulary, etc. requires demonstration of different skills.

The technique to overcome the barriers and pitfalls will be shown to students through explanation and guidance every step of the way.

P4 English Tuition Course Outline

Module 1: Reading Skills – Effective reading for comprehension, passages and questions, picking up keywords
Module 2: Answering Skills – Process questions and demonstrate ability to show understanding of question
Module 3: Writing Skills – Descriptive, analytical, expository writing skills
Module 4: Communication Skills – Speaking (oral communication), listening skills
Module 5: Language Skills – Polishing of students use of language (Grammar and Vocabulary)

Lesson Timings

Day Timing Room
Thursday 3PM – 4.30PM 1
Saturday 3.30PM – 5PM 2
Note: Time slots stated is subjected to changes and new classes may be available, pls contact us to arrange a suitable timing

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