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Primary 1 Maths Tuition

The most common question we get from parents is, "is it too early to start tuition? My child is only in p1".

Our answer: Absolutely not! Its never too early to prepare your child for the future. Moreover, our courses are design to be fun and engaging because we realise that students perform much better when they are interested in the subject.

We ensure that every child improves his/her standard in Maths in our P1 Maths Tuition course while at the same time ensures that the child is enjoying the learning process.

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Tuition Course Details

  • Venues for Lessons (Gen-Y Education Centre)

    Branch 1: Blk 201B Tampines St 21 #01-1067 Singapore 522201
    Branch 2: 271 Bukit Timah Road #02-07 Balmoral Plaza Singapore 259708

  • Course Length & Duration

    1.5hr lesson every week

  • Number of Students

    5 Students, Max class size = 5 students

  • Tuition Fees

    Contact us to enquire about the current tuition fees

Teacher’s Foreword

While the syllabus requirements for Primary 1 maths is fairly simple, the analytical and problem solving skills in maths can take quite some time to learn. Therefore, it is good to start early, students who start on the right footing will have a much easier time down the road.

We have planned games and quizzes into the lessons to help our students develop creative problem solving skills and sharpen their thinking processes and spark their interest in math.

P1 Maths Tuition Outline

1. In-depth teaching and explanation of the MOE syllabus topics
2. Development of problem-solving skills through math games and puzzles
3. Practice common exam questions for every topic
4. Learning through mistakes – work on weak areas

Lesson Timings

Day Timing Room
Unconfirmed Unconfirmed 3
Note: Do not be discouraged if you do not see a convenient time slot, we are constantly scheduling new classes, you’re welcomed to contact us to arrange a suitable timing :)

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