• Posted OnSeptember 10, 2015
  • BYadmin

Secondary 4 English Tuition

Teacher’s Foreword We find that most students struggle with Comprehension and Continuous Writing, the 2 most dreadful components of the English papers. However, these 2 components hold the highest weightage therefore our tutors will place greater em...

  • Posted OnSeptember 20, 2015
  • BYadmin

Secondary 4 Physics Tuition

Teacher’s Foreword Many students struggle with physics because of weak fundamentals – the lack of a core understanding of physics concepts. As a result, they apply the wrong formula to solve the questions or do not know which formula to apply ...

  • Posted OnSeptember 20, 2015
  • BYadmin

Secondary 4 Chemistry Tuition

Teacher’s Foreword Out of all 3 sciences, chem, physics and bio, Chemistry has the most number of topics and more pieces of information. Students may be overwhelmed initially, our tutors will aid students in seeing the bigger picture and how the top...

  • Posted OnSeptember 24, 2015
  • BYadmin

Secondary 4 A Maths Tuition

Teacher’s Foreword Certainly a time-consuming subject because students are required to spend plenty of time in practice and revision before they can ace the subject. In our tuition course for Sec 4 A maths, a lot of time will be dedicated to help st...

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