• Posted OnSeptember 12, 2015
  • BYadmin

Secondary 1 English Tuition

Teacher’s Foreword Most of the English O/N level exam formats and skills for answering questions are already introduced in lower sec (sec 1 and sec 2). Compared to primary school english, secondary school english requires an entirely different set o...

  • Posted OnSeptember 12, 2015
  • BYadmin

Secondary 1 Science Tuition

Teacher’s Foreword Learning science is more than just memorising facts, therefore our tutors do more than presenting information to students. A good science tutor is one who can make any student understand the concepts and principles of science, by ...

  • Posted OnSeptember 24, 2015
  • BYadmin

Secondary 1 Maths Tuition

Teacher’s Foreword Sec 1 maths is essentially an extension of P6 maths, with higher emphasis on numerical and Algebraic concepts. Sec 1 students are slowly being introduced to a different exam format and answering techniques in order to prepare them...

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