• Posted OnAugust 16, 2015
  • BYadmin

Primary 6 Science Tuition

Teacher’s Foreword The goal of the science tuition course for primary 6 would be 1) Crystallise and clarify the concepts in the syllabus and 2) Develop the application and exam skills in students. Knowledge of the topics is not so much the issue her...

  • Posted OnAugust 21, 2015
  • BYadmin

Primary 6 English Tuition

Teacher’s Foreword Students often find English to be a challenging subject for a few reasons. First, English is not a subject for last minute revision and memory. Secondly, English exam papers are, by nature, harder than other subjects. Hence, impro...

  • Posted OnSeptember 7, 2015
  • BYadmin

Primary 6 Maths Tuition

Teacher’s Foreword The P6 math tuition course is focused around intensive preparation for the student’s PSLE exams. The goal is to walk the students through as many different types of questions as possible. Students will be taught how to avoid...

  • Posted OnSeptember 9, 2015
  • BYadmin

Primary 6 Chinese Tuition

Teacher’s Foreword Scoring good marks in Chinese would give students a competitive advantage over others since it has equal weightage compared to any other subject. Conversely, a student’s aggregate score can be pulled down if he/she neglect t...

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