Before you join any of our tuition courses, we need to ask this: Are you committed?

Experienced Teachers + Effective Study Resources + Committed Students = Massive Improvement

We find that students who show the biggest improvement are those who are committed.

Which means that they are willing to come for tuition, follow the tips and guidance provided by our experienced teachers, practice the exam papers & revise the study resources we provide.

Our lessons are structured in a way that accelerates the student's learning process. Old concepts are reinforced through constant practice. Our tutors would guide the students through the model answers so that they learn from their mistakes and know what is expected in the exams.

Over 500 students have achieved their goals, What are you waiting for?


Over 50 tuition courses to choose from, from Primary 1 to JC 2



We have a network of the best tutors in Singapore who have a proven track record of producing top students from various schools.

Our tuition courses are carefully structured to guide our students, step by step, towards their final goal. Students will be provided with study resource, exam tips and key formulas for exams.

Our students will eliminate the fear of exams with the knowledge of their results even before they enter the exam hall. This can be achieved through intensive preparation and intelligent guidance.



Here are some of our most popular tutors. A full list of all our tutors can be found here.
Benjamin Lim

Benjamin Lim

  • Upper Primary Maths & Science

Mr Lim had a successful career as a primary school teacher at a government school. With 10 years experience and numerous accolades under his belt, he is now a full-time tutor inspiring over 100 students.

Julia Wong

Julia Wong

  • Lower Secondary English

Mrs Wong never gets tired of teaching, despite more than 8 years of tutoring. She believes that mastery of the English language is critical to a child's future and that practice is the key to success.

Jane Seah

Jane Seah

  • Upper Secondary Math

Ms Seah has a unique way to teaching math. Engaging, effective and enlightening are some of the words her students use to describe her lessons. Despite her young age, she already has 5 years experience.

Edward Lim

Edward Lim

  • Primary and Lower Sec Science

Over 15 years of experience teaching science, Mr Teo believes that science is one of the easiest subjects to master. His students results are testimonials to the soundness of his teaching strategy.

Take Action Today!

Whatever your academic goals may be, you're not going to achieve them overnight but the best time to start working towards your goals would be RIGHT NOW!


Designed to help students achieve the biggest improvement in the shortest time. Our tuition courses are closely aligned with the latest MOE syllabus.

Our courses' step-by-step approach breaks down any subject into smaller obstacles. These obstacles represent checkpoints along the path to mastery of any subject

Every student is different, in terms of learning ability and learning habits. Hence we created a dianostic test followed by a customised learning plan for every student.





The 3-part formula for academic success

Experienced Teachers

Every student needs a mentor who has the skills and experience to clear obstables and accelerate the learning process

Effective Study Resources

Top students are armed with the most effective study resource to conquer the exams. We provide students with all the resources they need.

Committed Students

The students who reach the top are always those who are self-motivated. There's no substitute for hard work and consistent effort if you want results.

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